Vodafone eSIM and SIM cards provide seamless connectivity so you can stay in touch while exploring the Emerald Isle. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about getting connected with Vodafone during your Irish holiday.

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1. Quick Facts about Vodafone

Ireland vodafone eSIM and SIM cards

Here are some quick facts about Vodafone, an Ireland’s leading mobile communications operator:

  • Founded in 1984 as Eircell, rebranded to Vodafone Ireland in 2001
  • Full company name is Vodafone Ireland Limited
  • Providing mobile voice, data services, broadband internet and telephone lines.
  • As of September 2019, Vodafone has 43% of mobile phone subscribers in Ireland.
  • Operates 2G, 3G and 4G networks covering over 99% of the population in the Republic of Ireland. 4G network reaches over 6 cities and 500 towns.
  • Provide standard customer support channels like a dedicated website, app, customer service number and live chat. Also has physical customer centers for in-person support.
  • One of the largest mobile networks in Ireland with over 2 million subscribers
  • Uses 4G and 3G coverage reaching 99% of the population
  • Top speeds of up to 150Mbps on 4G network
  • Range of prepaid SIM only deals and bundles
  • eSIM compatible with latest iPhone and Android models
  • Retail stores located in cities and towns across Ireland

So in summary, Vodafone Ireland is one of the largest mobile networks in Ireland operating since 1984, offer both Vodafone eSIM and SIM cards, serving over 40% of mobile subscribers with extensive voice, data and broadband offerings nationwide.

2. Why Vodafone When You’re Exploring Ireland – Coverage and Speed

Vodafone offers excellent coverage across Ireland so you can stay connected wherever your travels take you. When choosing any network provider in a foreign country, you must consider two important factors – coverage and speed.

2.1. Vodafone Coverage in Ireland

Vodafone coverage map

Vodafone Coverage map

Based on the Opensignal report released in September 2023, Vodafone is ranked as having the top mobile network experience in Ireland.

  • Provide excellent coverage 
  • Achieve Availability of over 98%
  • Fast speeds for streaming videos or online gaming on the go.
  • Highly speed for Video Experience 
  • Coverage isn’t just about cities, even outside urban areas. 
  • Great coverage across the board.

Customers on Vodafone can connect to the network virtually anywhere they go. Great for staying connected! your videos should stream smoothly without any buffering issues most of the time. Whether you’re in Dublin or Donegal, you can rely on Vodafone’s network to keep you online thanks to their strong investments nationwide.

Overall, Vodafone offers fast, reliable connectivity and highly satisfactory mobile experience, regardless of their location within Ireland.

2.2. Vodafone Speed

vodafone mobile operator download speed experience
Vodafone mobile operator upload experience

According to the Opensignal report for September 2023, Vodafone’s average 4G download speed is 27Mbps. This is more than enough for smooth HD video streaming and gameplay. Speeds remain fast even in rural regions, averaging over 20Mbps for 4G downloads.

5G speeds are reaching impressively high numbers with average downloads of 95Mbps in select areas.

Overall, Vodafone really shines when it comes to best mobile operators in Ireland. Vodafone’s service extends everywhere you’ll want to explore.

3. Vodafone Connectivity Options for Travelers to Ireland

Vodafone offers several connectivity options for tourist with different travel styles. They have both prepaid flexible SIM cards and convenient eSIMs.

Pay As You Go SIM Card‐ No contract required
‐ Can purchase locally in Ireland
‐ Inexpensive call/data rates
‐ Works with any unlocked phone
‐ Must purchase airtime credit upfront
‐ Can’t use your home phone number
‐ Credit expires after a certain time period
Travel SIM Card‐ Includes airtime credit in one package
‐ Works in Ireland and abroad usually
‐ Often includes data bundles
‐ Keeps your home phone number
‐ Higher upfront cost than local SIM
‐ Still subject to expiration dates
‐ Call/data rates may be higher
European Roaming‐ Use your existing plan’s allowances abroad
‐ No extra charges in most of Europe
‐ Keep regular number and provider
‐ Charges outside EU/EEA may apply
‐ Plan allowances may still have limits
‐ Non-EU providers may add roaming fees
Wi-Fi Hotspots‐ Free basic Internet connectivity option
‐ No mobile data charges
‐ Wide availability in cities/towns
‐ Coverage unreliable in rural areas
‐ Can’t stay connected outdoors
‐ More effort managing connections
Mobile Hotspot Rental‐ Unlimited 4G data access
‐ Can tether to multiple devices
‐ Convenient short-term option
‐ Daily/weekly costs may be high
‐ Extra device to carry/charge
‐ Limited by rental schedule

The most suitable choice would be to acquire a Vodafone eSIM Ireland if your stay in Ireland is temporary and prepaid Vodafone SIM Card for an extended period or require a significant amount of data.

4. Best Vodafone SIM cards for Tourists & Cost

 If you’re traveling in Ireland, we recommend using a SIM card from Vodafone. Their rates are highly economical, particularly when taking into account the generous quantity of data and calling minutes included.

Here is a table comparing the best Vodafone SIM cards for tourists visiting Ireland and their costs. 

SIM CardDataCallsSMSValidityTotal Cost
Essential Global SIM2GB 4G data1000 minutes to 40+ countries500 texts30 days$44.99
World Traveller 5GB5GB 4G dataUnlimited calls to Ireland & EUUnlimited texts30 days$64.99
World Traveller 15GB15GB 4G dataUnlimited calls to Ireland & EUUnlimited texts30 days$94.99
World Traveller 30GB30GB 4G dataUnlimited calls to Ireland & EUUnlimited texts30 days$124.99
Global Traveller 50GB50GB 4G dataUnlimited calls to Ireland & EUUnlimited texts60 days$149.99
Multi-Destination 30GB30GB 4G data1000 minutes to 40+ countries300 texts90 days$89.99
Global Traveller 100GB100GB 4G dataUnlimited calls to Ireland & EUUnlimited texts90 days$199.99

 Vodafone offers SIM cards that include a substantial amount of data and a local phone number, which is crucial for maintaining connectivity while on the go. The 15GB SIM card is suitable for most travelers, but those who require a larger amount of data may find the 30GB SIM card to be a more suitable option.

5. Does Vodafone Support eSIM in Ireland?

Yes, Vodafone offers eSIM support to compatible devices in Ireland. You can use a Vodafone eSIM for both prepaid and contract plans. 

eSIM allows customers to activate a Vodafone mobile plan directly on their device without needing a physical SIM card. The plan is loaded via a QR code scan.

However, if you have a phone that supports eSIM and are interested in trying it out, continue reading for information on compatible devices in the eSIM Compatible Device List.

If you are contemplating the use of an eSIM on Vodafone, opting for an Ireland eSIM from esimireland.com could prove to be a wise decision. This eSIM allows you to maintain communication with your loved ones in Ireland without incurring hefty roaming fees. Additionally, we provides a range of data plans to suit your specific requirements.

Enjoy 7 days of Ireland data from $6.50. No roaming fees with 1-20GB using the Ireland eSIM 7 Day Plan. Buy now for hassle-free connectivity during your trip!

Plan that may interest you

Ireland eSIM 7 Days
Ireland eSIM 7 Days
From $3.71
Ireland eSIM 20 Days
Ireland eSIM 20 Days
From $4.06

6. Where can You Buy a Vodafone eSIM and SIM cards?

It’s quick and easy to purchase a Vodafone SIM card or eSIM when you arrive in Ireland. Here are some of the best options:

6.1. Where to Buy Vodafone SIM Card in Ireland?

  • Vodafone retail stores – Vodafone has its own retail stores located in major cities and towns across Ireland. You can walk in and purchase a SIM card.
  • Supermarkets/Newsagents – Many major supermarkets like SuperValu, Centra, Spar and newsagents sell prepaid Vodafone SIM cards that don’t require registration. Places like Post Offices may also stock them.
  • Vodafone online store – On vodafone.ie you can order pay as you go or pay monthly SIM cards and have them delivered for free within 1-2 days.
  • Third party retail partners – Stores like Three, Carphone Warehouse, Currys PC World, and independent phone retailers sell Vodafone SIMs as well.
  • Vodafone mobile resellers – Sites like An Post, Carzam, many small convenience stores are certified Vodafone resellers.
  • Self-service SIM machines – Available in some Vodafone stores, select Dublin Airport and major transport hubs.
  • Airport vendors – Vodafone SIMs are easily available from vendors in Dublin Airport and Cork Airport arrival halls.
  • Top up online – For existing customers, topping up eSIM plans or adding data bundles can be done online.

Overall, Vodafone retail stores, supermarkets, newsagents, online store and third-party partner retailers nationwide are good options to purchase Vodafone SIM cards across Ireland.

Vodafone store in Ireland

Vodafone store in Ireland

6.2. Where to Buy Vodafone eSIM Ireland?

You can buy Vodafone eSIMs in Ireland at:

  • Online: You can purchase an Vodafone eSIM France directly from Vodafone’s website or other provider like esimireland.com.
  • Over the phone – Call Vodafone customer support on 1907 and they can assist with purchasing and activating an eSIM plan.
  • Vodafone retail stores – While most stores don’t stock physical eSIM cards, staff can setup an eSIM purchase and activation for you in-store.

Experience effortless travel in Ireland with a digital eSIM. Say goodbye to expensive roaming charges and easily purchase online for instant connection.

Discover the country with high-speed data starting at only $5.00. Don’t wait, get your eSIM today!

Experience the beauty of Ireland for a duration of 15 days while having access to 1-20GB data for as low as $6.50. Say goodbye to costly roaming fees by opting for this eSIM package and stay connected without interruption during your trip.

Enjoy Fast Ireland Mobile Data Without Swapping SIM Cards

7. How to activate Vodafone SIM/eSIM in Ireland?

Activating your new Vodafone SIM card or eSIM is simple. Just follow these steps:

7.1. How to use a Vodafone SIM Card in Ireland?

  • Insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone
  • Turn on your phone
  • Activate the SIM if required
  • Top up credit for prepaid SIMs
  • Download the MyVodafone app. Manage your account, check balance, update plans
  • Make phone calls and use data

Read more: How to Install Ireland eSIM: Full Guide

7.2. How to Activate Vodafone eSIM Ireland?

  • Getting started with a Vodafone eSIM for Ireland is quite easy as follows:
  • Make sure your device supports eSIM
  • Read the QR code and install your Vodafone eSIM profile automatically
  • Activate and set up the eSIM
  • Start using eSIM services

Please check your detailed instructions below:

Both the Vodafone SIM Card Ireland and Vodafone eSIM Ireland can be easily activated digitally within minutes, eliminating the need to physically visit a store.

Contact customer support if you need any activation assistance.

8. Ireland Vodafone Call & SMS Rates

When using a Vodafone SIM card or eSIM in Ireland, here are the current call and SMS rates:

CountryCalls to Mobile/LandlineText Messages (SMS)Notes
Ireland (Top Up Offer Rates)$0.09 connection fee, then $0.35/min$0.15 per textRates for calls and texts within Ireland under a top up offer
Ireland (No Top Up Offer Rates)$0.09 connection fee, then $0.45/min (peak), $0.25/min (off-peak)$0.13 per textRates without a top up offer in Ireland
Ireland (Other Plans)Varying rates from $0.03-0.45/min$0.13 per textRates for Advantage, Social Life, Work & Leisure, More To Say plans
USAFrom $0.59/minFrom $0.24 per textInternational call and text rates vary by destination
UKFrom $0.29/minFrom $0.12 per textInternational call and text rates vary by destination
EuropeFrom $0.29/minFrom $0.12 per textInternational call and text rates vary by destination
Rest of WorldFrom $1.19/minFrom $0.48 per textHighest international rates apply to calls/texts outside USA/Europe

Rates are subject to change. Always check the Vodafone website for the latest pricing. Bundled plans can provide discounted rates.

9. Useful USSD code for Vodafone SIM/eSIM

USSD codes are short number codes you can dial to directly query info or activate services on your Vodafone SIM or eSIM. Here are some useful USSD codes:

  • #125# – Check balance
    This allows you to check your current account balance.
  • #126# – Check usage
    You can check how much you’ve used in terms of minutes, texts and data through this code.
  • 123remove passcode# – Remove passcode
    Use this code to remove your SIM card passcode.
  • 133new passcode# – Add/change passcode
    To add or change your SIM card passcode, use this code followed by the new 4-digit passcode.
  • *111# – View allocation
    You can see details of your current call/text/data bundle through this code.
  • *128# – Network lock status
    This allows you to check if your SIM is locked to the Vodafone network.
  • *104# – Check IMEI number
    Inputting this code displays the 15-digit unique IMEI number for your device.
  • 1471st half of IMEI# – Activate eSIM
    To activate an eSIM profile on a compatible device, use this code followed by the first half of the IMEI.

I hope these common USSD codes help you manage your Vodafone SIM/eSIM balance, usage and settings easily.

10. How to top-up Vodafone SIM/eSIM

It’s easy to top-up your Vodafone prepaid credit when needed while visiting Ireland. Here are some convenient options:

  • Online – Use your credit/debit card on Vodafone prepaid portal.
  • App – Vodafone SIM app for Android/iOS allows easy top-up.
  • Vouchers – Buy top-up vouchers locally and enter the code.

With multiple convenient options, keeping your prepaid account active is simple. Top up your Vodafone SIM or eSIM quickly when you need it.

11. FAQs about Vodafone in Ireland

What network bands does Vodafone use?

Vodafone uses 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage on 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 800 MHz bands. Most unlocked devices are compatible.

Can I use my Vodafone SIM across Europe?

Yes, Vodafone SIM cards and eSIMs support EU roaming at domestic Irish rates in over 100 destinations.

Does Vodafone throttle data speeds?

Vodafone may prioritize traffic at peak times but doesn’t permanently throttle speeds. Faster 4G speeds are available subject to your plan.

Where is Vodafone roaming partners located?

Vodafone has roaming partnerships worldwide, including throughout Europe, the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Does Vodafone offer unlimited data plans?

Unlimited data is not offered for prepaid plans, but some contract plans include unlimited data depending on speed. Fair usage policies apply.

Can I use a Vodafone SIM in different devices?

Yes, you can use your Vodafone SIM or eSIM in multiple devices like phones, tablets, hotspots etc. Just swap between compatible devices.

How long until unused credit expires?

Unused Pay As You Go credit expires after 180 days of inactivity. Top up regularly to keep your account active.
Contact Vodafone customer support if you require any other details about using their service within Ireland.

12. Final words

Vodafone provides an excellent mobile network across Ireland that fits seamlessly into your travels. With thorough population-wide coverage, solid speeds, and flexible prepaid options, Vodafone has you connected wherever you choose to explore. Stay in touch with loved ones, share amazing photos, and explore Ireland with the freedom of a top-notch mobile connection with Vodafone.