Every time you travel, owning SIM Cards at each tourist destination is of great concern. SIM Cards not only help connect to the internet and share beautiful moments of travel on social networks, but also help tourists access maps, look up information… And especially if you are planning a trip in Limerick, don’t forget to buy SIM Cards in Limerick to fully enjoy the journey to explore this wonderful city.

SIM Cards in Limerick

I. Which mobile operator is the best in Limerick?

Let’s examine the three main mobile network operators in Ireland – eir, Three, and Vodafone – to determine which provides the best coverage and performance specifically in Limerick.

Mobile operator is the best in Limerick
Source: Opensignal

An important factor to consider is network coverage. All three operators have excellent nationwide coverage in Ireland according to independent assessments. However, coverage can vary at a local level. Based on operator coverage maps, eir and Three report 4G/LTE coverage of over 99% of the population of Limerick city. Vodafone reports slightly less at 98%.

When it comes to network speeds, recent data from OpenSignal for Q1-Q3 2022 gives some insights into average mobile download and upload speeds specifically for Limerick:

OperatorAverage Download Speed (Mbps)Average Upload Speed (Mbps)Limerick Coverage
Three40.89.9Excellent outdoor 4G coverage across Limerick city and county
Vodafone28.69.2Good outdoor 4G coverage in Limerick
eir3411.5Adequate 4G coverage in Limerick city center

As the table shows, for average mobile speeds in Limerick eir and Three are neck and neck, with eir having a slight edge in download and Three in upload. Vodafone trails slightly behind the other two. However, the differences are small and all operators deliver generally fast speeds.

In summary, while all three major operators deliver good coverage and performance in Limerick, eir achieves the highest average mobile speeds and Three has been fastest to roll out 5G locally. However, for some users other factors like pricing plans or additional features may play a bigger role in deciding who provides the best mobile experience in Limerick.

Evaluate various mobile operators through: Ireland Mobile Operators to find the best choices

II. Best SIM Cards in Limerick and cost

From the comparison of plans in the table below, you can find the SIM Cards plan that best suits your needs and budget, ensuring a good and enjoyable connection experience in Limerick!

CarrierData AllowanceCost Cost (approx. USD)
Vodafone10GB (Chat Extra plan)$23.60/28 days$20/28 days
Three19GB ($23.60 plan)$23.60/28 days$20/28 days
eirUnlimited (first 120GB at full speed)$23.60/28 days$20/28 days
Lyca Mobile10GB$11.78/30 days$10/30 days
Tesco Mobile5GB$11.80/28 days$10/28 days
An Post25GB$17.70/31 days$15/31 days

USD prices are approximate conversions and prices may vary depending on currency exchange rates.

In conclusion, for mobile data in Limerick, Ireland, eir provides the best overall value with its €20 plan offering unlimited data with the first 120GB at full speed. Vodafone and Three also offer good value at €20 for 10GB and 19GB allowances respectively. MVNOs like Lyca Mobile and Tesco Mobile also provide cheaper options for lighter data users.

III. Where to buy A SIM Cards in Limerick

Staying connected to the internet in Limerick is essential to navigate the charming streets, share travel moments and stay informed. Here’s where you can get a SIM card in Limerick:

1. Getting a SIM Card at Limerick Airport:

Shannon Airport (SNN): May have kiosks from major providers such as Three Ireland and Vodafone Ireland. This allows you to connect immediately upon landing, but plans can be more expensive than options in Limerick.

Vodafone Ireland storefront on O'Connell Street
Vodafone Ireland storefront on O’Connell Street

2. Getting a SIM Cards at the stores

  • Crescent Shopping Center: Is a major shopping centre in Limerick. There, you can shop for everything and easily find a Three Ireland or Vodafone store to buy a SIM Card.
Three Ireland store at Crescent Shopping Center
Three Ireland store at Crescent Shopping Center
  • Outside of business hours, some convenience stores and garages that are open late at night still sell basic SIMs in hidden displays or behind the counter.
SIM Card - an indispensable accessory when traveling
SIM Card – an indispensable accessory when traveling
  • Online: Some carriers such as Vodafone Ireland, Three Ireland allow you to order your SIM online for pickup at a designated store.
You can buy eSIM online
Buying eSIM online

To connect to the internet quickly when arriving in Limerick, you should buy a SIM Card at the Shannon Airport or buy an eSIM online from retail providers such as esimireland.com. And hopefully the above information will help you know more about places to buy SIM cards in Limerick to get ready for your trip to explore this beautiful city.

IV. eSIM for Limerick Travelers – a smart alternative

Traveling to Limerick, Ireland? esimireland.com offers eSIM plans specifically for travelers to Ireland. Our eSIM plans provide high-speed data and calls within Ireland to keep you connected during your trip. An eSIM from esimireland.com is a smart alternative to renting or buying an Irish SIM card.

Our Ireland eSIM plans start from just $3.50 for 3 days of service. You can choose from flexible data plans with 1-20GB of data or daily data plans with 1-3GB of data per day. Stay connected for even longer with our 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 day eSIM plans. One of our most popular plans is the Ireland eSIM 14 Days plan which includes 8GB or 20GB of data and free phone calls for just $21.90 or $43.90.

Plan that may interest you

Ireland eSIM 14 Days
Ireland eSIM 14 Days
From $21.90
Ireland eSIM 28 Days
Ireland eSIM 28 Days
From $54.90

Rather than hassling with local SIM cards at the airport or dealing with physical SIM delivery, our digital eSIM lets you simply download the plan to your eSIM compatible device before your trip. Now traveling to Limerick just got easier! Visit esimireland.com today to purchase your Ireland eSIM plan and get connected.

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V. Things to prepare when buying SIM cards in Limerick

Before deciding to buy a SIM Cards in Limerick, you should prepare the following information:

  • Form of ID: You will likely need to show identification like a passport to purchase a SIM card. Shops may require this for age verification or to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Size of SIM: Check if you need a standard, micro or nano SIM for your phone. Most retailers in Ireland provide all sizes but it’s good to know in advance.
  • Top-up options: You can top-up prepaid SIM cards with vouchers bought in shops or online using a credit/debit card. Have cash ready if purchasing vouchers only as minimum top-ups start at €5-10.
  • Mobile network: Decide if you want Vodafone, Eir, Three or an MVNO like Tesco Mobile or Lyca Mobile. Check coverage for your needs using the network maps.
  • EU roaming: Check roaming allowances if travelling within the EU as some caps apply on unlimited data plans after a certain number of GB.
  • APN settings: Note the Access Point Name settings required by each network to access data after purchasing a SIM.

VI. Tips and Recommendations

Having a local SIM card in Limerick will help you a lot. Here are some tips from locals on buying SIM Cards in Limerick:

  • Research carriers before arriving: Review plans and prices online for providers like Three Ireland, Vodafone Ireland and eir Mobile before your trip.
  • Always carry valid photo identification: A passport or valid photo identification is generally required to make purchases.
  • Consider eSIM: Download and activate the eSIM package directly on your phone before landing for ultimate convenience.
  • Dual SIM phone (Optional): If your phone allows it, keep your home SIM active for calls and texts while using your Limerick SIM card for data.
  • Estimate your data needs: Consider how much data you will use for data and calls. Choose a plan with enough data to avoid roaming fees.
  • Beware of hidden fees: Double check any activation or hidden fees before purchasing.

Limerick City offers the best deals and more options for SIM cards. Hopefully, with a little preparation and these tips, you can find the perfect SIM card solution for a truly enjoyable experience in Limerick.


Is it easy to buy a SIM card in Limerick?

Yes, buying a SIM card in Limerick is easy. Major carriers such as Vodafone Ireland, Three Ireland and eir all have stores located around the city centre. They will guide you through the registration process, which takes 5-10 minutes with a valid ID.

What mobile networks are available in Limerick?

The three main mobile networks in Limerick are Vodafone, Eir and Three. All three networks provide excellent 4G coverage across the city and surrounding areas. Metro Eireann and Tesco Mobile are other options but use the infrastructure of Vodafone and Eir respectively.

How much does a SIM card for Limerick cost?

Prepaid starter SIMs usually cost around €10-20 and include some data (1-5GB). Recharges start from €10 for discounted data add-ons valid for 30 days. There will be a registration fee of €5-10 for the tourist SIM. Ongoing plans will be cheaper for extended stays.

Can I use my Limerick SIM card in other parts of Ireland?

Yes, SIM cards purchased in Limerick will work anywhere in Ireland as all mobile networks offer nearly universal coverage. You don’t need to top up or change your SIM when traveling between Irish cities and towns.

Are international calls on Limerick SIM expensive?

Outgoing international calls to non-EU countries can be costly starting from 50c-1 Euro/minute depending on the operator. It’s best to use apps like WhatsApp for calling and texting while abroad. Calls to Ireland are free.

Can I top up my Limerick SIM card remotely?

Yes, topping up a Limerick SIM can be done remotely via online wallets on the operator’s websites and apps, without the need to visit a store. Deposits usually take place immediately after payment is made.

What about using my phone as a hotspot in Limerick?

Most SIMs allow tethering/using the phone as a WiFi hotspot in Limerick at no additional cost after the monthly FUP (fair usage policy) data limit is reached. However, excessive data usage may incur charge

VIII. Conclusion

We highly recommend purchasing an eSIM when visiting Limerick – it’s affordable and will make your navigation, sightseeing and communications seamless throughout your stay in Limerick. And we also encourage you to share your experiences or any additional tips you have about SIM Cards in Limerick in the comments section below. This could be valuable information for future visitors!