It’s very important to purchase a local SIM card when upon arriving in a new country. You need accessing to mobile internet for a rang of purposes such as navigation, translation, and surfing social media.  Fortunately, when you are visiting Ireland, you can be easy to buy SIM Card at Dublin Airport. Here is some key information you should keep in mind when obtaining a SIM card at Dublin airport.

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1. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Dublin Airport

There are a few options for buying a SIM card at Dublin Airport:

1.1. Vodafone Store

buy sim card at dublin airport
  • Location: Terminal 1, Departures Area, near Gate 20. It’s conveniently located after passing through security.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open daily from early morning (around 5-6am) until late evening (around 8-11pm) to match flight schedules.
  • SIM Card Options: Vodafone sells their own prepaid SIM cards which provide high quality service on the Vodafone Ireland network.
  • Prices: SIM kits starting from around €20-30, usually including some data/call credit valid for 30 days. Example packs include 20GB data plus calls/texts for €25.
  • Benefits:
    • No need to search other shops – wide range of plans available.
    • Help from staff to select the right plan and assist with setup/activation.
    • Official Vodafone retailer offers reliable service and support.
    • SIM will work throughout Ireland and many European countries under EU roaming rules.

The Vodafone store is recommended for prepaid SIM Card at Dublin Airport. It offers convenience along with quality service on Ireland’s leading network.


  • When purchasing a SIM card at Vodafone store, be sure to ask the salesperson to help you activate the SIM card and set up a data plan
  • You will find everything you need for your trip at Vodafone store, including travel equipment and accessories.

1.2. WHSmith shops

buy sim card at Dublin airport in Ireland
  • Location: Both terminals, WH Smith shop near the entrance of the arrivals area.
  • Open Hours: WH Smith is usually open daily from early morning (5-6am) until late evening (8-11pm).
  • SIM Card Options: Prepaid PAYG SIM kits with data bundles valid for 30 days like 8GB+unlimited calls/texts for around €30.
  • Price: SIM kits start from around €20-30 depending on data bundle size. The 8GB option is around €30.
  • Benefits:
    • Instant activation, just insert SIM and get online upon arrival in Dublin.
    • Data bundles include Ireland and most EU countries under roaming rules.
    • Saves searching other airport shops, WH Smith is the only Three retailer.
    • Cashier can assist with payment but limited network support available.

Alternatively, Three SIMs can also be ordered online before travel for delivery or purchased at Three retail shops in Dublin city for a better selection. But WH Smith is convenient for arrivals needing a Three connection on landing in Dublin Airport.

1.3. SPAR convenience store

buy sim card at convenient store dublin airport
  • Location: Directly outside the arrivals area of Terminal 2. It’s one of the first stores passengers see.
  • Open Hours: Early morning (around 5am) until late evening (around 11pm) daily to match flight schedules.
  • SIM Card Options: Prepaid plans from Vodafone and LycaMobile with data bundles for 30 days.
  • Price: Vodafone SIM kits starting around €25 for options like 20GB data. LycaMobile SIMs priced around €25 with airtime credit.
  • Benefits:
    • Convenient airport location right in Terminal 2.
    • Instant activation without needing an alternative SIM store.
    • Ireland and EU-wide coverage on Vodafone’s network.
    • Staff can process purchase and offer assistance.
    • Reliable supplier with consistent SIM stock.

The SPAR store provides a hassle-free option in Terminal 2 for purchasing reliable Vodafone or LycaMobile SIM cards with connectivity upon arrival in Ireland.

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2. Dublin Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

Here’s an overview of what SIM card options you’ll find and how much SIM Card at Dublin Airport cost.

NetworkData/Calls/TextsPriceWhere to Buy
Vodafone20GB Data in Ireland/EU, 100 Minutes Calls, Unlimited Texts~26.73 USDVodafone Shop, SPAR, WHSmith
Vodafone5GB Data in Ireland/EU, Unlimited Calls/Texts in Ireland, €10 Credit~26.73 USDVodafone Shop, SPAR, WHSmith
Vodafone15GB Data in Ireland/EU, Unlimited Calls/Texts, 100 Minutes in EU~37.42 USDVodafone Shop, SPAR, WHSmith
Three8GB Data in Ireland/EU, Unlimited Calls/Texts in Ireland~32.08 USDWHSmith T1
LycamobileVarious data bundles, prices start from~21.38-26.73 USDSPAR, WHSmith
  • Covers Ireland and EU with roaming
  • No activation, use right away
  • Valid 30 days
  • Buy at Vodafone, SPAR or WHSmith shops
  • Three only at WHSmith T1

In summary, Vodafone and Three provide flexible daily/weekly data SIM card at Dublin Airport.

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3. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Dublin Airport

Here are three essential things you must know when getting SIM card at Dublin Airport.

  • Unlocked Phone: Unlock your phone to accept a foreign SIM card. If you need support, contact your provider customer service.
  • Passport: Have your passport handy when you go to purchase your SIM card at airport.
  • Local Currency: Have some cash on hand or a debit/credit card to pay for your SIM, credit and any activation fees.
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4. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Dublin Airport

If you are a technology lover, you may want to think about using an eSIM for Ireland instead of a physical SIM card. Check out if your mobile device can work with eSIM by using our up-to-date eSIM compatibility list. eSIMs are virtual SIM cards that can be installed onto your device buy scanning QA code.

Take a look at some benefits of eSIM:

  • Able to install remotely.
  • No need to visit a physical store or vending machine
  • Offer multiple plans and phone numbers on a single device
  • Easy to change data plans while traveling

You can find Ireland eSIM from popular providers such as, Lycamobile, and iD Mobile.  They offer different data plans from 1GB for a shorter period to 20GB for a month. 

Though eSIMs are convenient, using a SIM card from Ireland typically provides more affordable rates, especially for extended stays. However, opting for an eSIM allows for greater flexibility when traveling to multiple countries or for shorter periods in Ireland.

Discover further information about the various eSIM plans and choices provided by Acquire an eSIM package and maintain seamless connectivity no matter where you journey within Ireland. Get budget-friendly eSIM data options from for both Ireland and Europe, with rates beginning at a mere $6.50. 

Plans that may interest you

Ireland eSIM 5 Days
Ireland eSIM 5 Days
From $3.61
Ireland eSIM 10 Days
Ireland eSIM 10 Days
From $3.82
Ireland eSIM 30 Days
Ireland eSIM 30 Days
From $4.30

5. FAQs about Buying SIM Card at Dublin Airport

Can I buy a SIM card with cash at Dublin airport?

Yes, the stores and kiosks at Dublin Airport accept cash payments for SIM cards and top-ups. Just have Euro currency ready when you go to purchase.

Are there SIM card vending machines at Dublin Airport?

No, Dublin Airport does not have SIM card vending machines. You need to buy them in-person from the Vodafone, Three, Dixons or WiFi kiosks located in the arrival terminals.

Do the Dublin Airport SIM card providers offer monthly plans?

No, the SIM cards sold at Dublin Airport are prepaid plans that you top-up as needed. They do not offer monthly contract plans. You can just get a basic SIM card and top it up with calling credit and data packs.

Is there free WiFi at Dublin Airport?

Yes, Dublin Airport offers unlimited free WiFi throughout its terminals. Connect to the “Dublin Airport WiFi” network. This can be useful if you need data right upon landing before buying a SIM card.

Can I rent a MiFi device or mobile hotspot at Dublin Airport?

Unfortunately no, there are no MiFi rental options available at Dublin Airport. Your options are buying a local SIM card or using the free WiFi network.

6. Final Words

Getting a SIM card at Dublin Airport is quick and easy with stores like Vodafone and Three located right in the arrival halls. Pick up a prepaid SIM, pop it in your unlocked phone, and top up the credit to start enjoying mobile data during your trip in Ireland. Just have your passport ready for activation and some Euros on hand for payment.