In today’s world, reliable internet access is crucial, especially for travelers. This guide, “The Mobile Internet in Ireland: How to Choose the Best Option,” will help you navigate Ireland’s mobile internet landscape. We’ll explore why staying connected while traveling around the country matters; why you should use local SIM cards or eSIMs and how you can find the best option for mobile internet on your way.

The Mobile Internet in Ireland

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Ireland

1. Ireland Mobile Internet Coverage

Based on the Vodafone mobile coverage map for Ireland:

  • Widespread 4G coverage, especially in southern and eastern regions including Dublin
  • Strong signal strength along major transportation routes
  • Good coverage in central and northern areas, but some pockets of weaker 3G/2G in more rural/remote locations
  • Comprehensive Vodafone network coverage across most of the country
  • Coverage may vary from other providers like Three and Eir
  • Actual performance can be affected by factors like terrain and network congestion

Conclusion: In general, based on Vodafone’s mobile coverage map, tourists visiting Ireland can expect to get good 4G networks with reliable connectivity most especially within major urban centers as well as key travel routes. However, sporadic coverage may be experienced in other parts of rural or remote regions hence some pragmatism and adaptability may be needed to assure consistent access of the mobile connection while maybe going off track.

Mobile Internet Coverage
Mobile Internet Coverage. Source: nperf

2. Ireland Mobile Internet Speed

According to the data from’s Global Index for Ireland:

  • Mobile Internet Speeds in Ireland:

– Ireland has an average mobile download speed of 59.29 Mbps, which places it 21st globally for mobile speeds.

– The average mobile upload speed is 13.37 Mbps.

– These speeds indicate Ireland has relatively fast and reliable mobile internet performance compared to many other countries.

  • Ireland City Rankings:

– Dublin has an average download speed of 67.44 Mbps, putting it at number 32 worldwide.

–  Other remarkable cities in Ireland such as Cork are placed at position 59 having an average mobile download speed of (58.05 Mbps) and Limerick ranked at position 62 globally with an average mobile download speed of (57.06 Mbps).

– The global top 100 rankings for mobile download speeds also include smaller cities like Galway (55.41 Mbps) and Waterford (52.93 Mbps).

Mobile Internet Speed
Mobile Internet Speed. Source: Speedtest

Based on the data, Ireland boasts impressive mobile internet speeds, ranking 21st globally with an average download speed of 59.29 Mbps. This suggests tourists can expect a reliable and high-quality mobile data experience across Ireland’s mobile networks, including Vodafone, which appears to have widespread 4G coverage.

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II. Mobile Internet in Ireland: Connection Options For Tourists

Here is a table comparing the pros, cons, and price range in USD of connectivity options for travelers to Ireland:

Connectivity OptionProsConsPrice Range
Roaming on Home Mobile Plan– Convenience of using your existing device and number
– No need to purchase additional SIM card
– Potentially high roaming fees
– Limited data allowance
$10 – $15 per day
Public WiFi– Free to use
– Available at many hotels, cafes, and tourist sites
– Inconsistent connection speeds
– Security risks with public networks
Local SIM Card– Affordable data/calling rates
– Flexible prepaid options
– High-speed 4G/5G connectivity
– Need to swap SIM card
– May require unlocked phone
$10 – $30 for 5-15GB of data
eSIM– Convenience of no physical SIM swap
– Can be set up remotely before travel
– High-speed data plans available
– Requires eSIM compatible device
– May need to contact home carrier to enable eSIM
$10 – $40 for 5-15GB of data

To stay connected while in Ireland, many visitors find it best to get a local Irish SIM card that is well suited for them. An excellent combination of cheap rates, fast internet speeds and versatility comes with prepaid SIM packages from such providers as Vodafone, Eir and Three.

While eSIM offers a convenient connectivity option, it’s crucial to verify in advance if your mobile device is compatible. Not all phones and tablets have eSIM capabilities. Before committing to an eSIM plan, double-check your device’s specs to avoid compatibility issues.

Ireland’s calling, answer roaming free with!

III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Ireland

If you’re traveling to Ireland, it’s important to budget for mobile data costs during your trip. Knowing how much data you’ll need and comparing prices for different plan lengths can help you stay within budget.

The amount of data you’ll need depends on how you plan to use your phone while traveling. Here are some estimates:

  • 3-5 day trip: 1-3GB of data should be sufficient for basic tasks like maps, emails and social media.
  • 1 week trip: 3-5GB of data allows for navigation, photos/videos to share, and casual streaming.
  • 2 weeks or more: 5-10GB per week is a comfortable average that leaves room for navigation, uploading/sharing content daily, and some streaming or video calls.

It’s a good idea to compare costs for data packages of different durations to find the most cost effective option for your trip length. Plans from provide value and flexibility.

The plans at range from 3 days up to 30 days. Some key points of comparison:

  • Short trips under 7 days have the highest per day cost, around $3.50-4 per day for 1-3GB.
  • Weekly plans like 10-15 days work out to $3-4 per day and provide better value for medium trips.
  • Monthly plans like 28-30 days are the best value, as low as $1.50 per day for higher data allowances.

14 day and 28 day plans also include free voice minutes for calling Ireland numbers.

Plans that may interest you

Ireland eSIM 7 Days
Ireland eSIM 7 Days
From $3.71
Ireland eSIM 15 Days
Ireland eSIM 15 Days
From $3.94
Ireland eSIM 30 Days
Ireland eSIM 30 Days
From $4.30

Buying the right length plan can save 20-50% compared to stringing together shorter packages. With’s fast delivery, you can activate a plan for your exact dates. Take time to plan your data needs and budget before traveling to Ireland.

IV. Best Mobile Operators in Ireland

This comparison table allows tourists to easily evaluate the prepaid SIM options from Ireland’s leading mobile operators and select the plan that best fits their connectivity needs and budget for their visit.

OperatorPrice Range for Prepaid SIM CardData OfferingsAdditional Features
Vodafone Ireland$10 – $201GB – 40GB data packages availableRoaming in EU, Vodafone Pass add-ons, WiFi Calling
Three Ireland$10 – $206GB – 80GB data packages availableUnlimited calls & texts, EU roaming, free streaming app access
eir Mobile$10 – $2010GB – 60GB data packages availableUnlimited calls & texts, EU roaming, eir Sport app access
Virgin Media Ireland$10 – $158GB – 30GB data packages availableUnlimited calls & texts, EU roaming, entertainment app access

Of all mobile operators in Ireland, Vodafone stands out due to its reliability and feature-enriched cards which work on a prepaid basis. With cost-efficient data packs, large allowances and extras like unlimited calls/texts and EU roaming; it gives the best value for your money.

Visitors traveling to Ireland can buy a prepaid Vodafone sim online at ensuring they have seamless high-speed 4G/5G connectivity right from their arrival into the country. Keep connected during your journey around Ireland with Vodafone without any fears about hidden fees or bad signals.

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V. FAQs about Internet in Ireland

What are the main mobile network providers in Ireland?

Vodafone, Three and Eir are the leading mobile operators in Ireland. Each of these has options for prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs designed specifically for tourists.Each offers prepaid SIM card and eSIM options for tourists.

What factors should I consider when choosing a mobile plan for Ireland?

Key factors include data allowance, coverage, speed, price, and additional features like unlimited calls/texts and EU roaming. Compare options from multiple providers.

Are eSIM plans a good choice for tourists in Ireland?

Yes, eSIM is a flexible option making it easy to access and activate local Irish data plans without physical SIM cards.

Where can I purchase a prepaid Irish SIM card or eSIM?

You can buy prepaid SIMs from their retail stores or online directly from a phone company either through third party providers such as who offer eSIM options.

VI. Conclusions

When it comes to navigating the mobile internet options for your journey to Ireland, the key is choosing a solution that provides you with reliable and fast connectivity at an affordable price. Majority of tourists are advised to use either local Irish SIMs or eSIMs as alternative ways of connecting that are both reliable and inexpensive. Major providers offer competitively priced prepaid packages with generous data, calls/texts, and EU roaming. Explore the best mobile internet solutions for your Ireland trip today.